Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Landscaping with orchids

I helped a friend re-scaped her place a few weeks ago and completed the works in 10 hrs. Her concept was to grow orchids in this area which another contractor had done previously but has gone dull.
The location had morning to afternoon sun till 3pm. Thus growing sun loving plants suited this area well. The genus were semi terete and terete Vandas, Arachnis and Renantheras.

Here is the location before
Bare walls which radiate heat thus killing plants

Clay Soil used as planting media is too harsh for orchids

Plants are extremely unhappy and scape is bare

After some planning and discussion. This is the result in the end
Fibre pole wall to block out the heat and allow orchid roots to grow

Coconut chips cools growing media which is ideal for orchids

A mix of Renanthera and Semi terete Vandas whom love sun

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