Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Planting a small garden strip

Small strips in the garden as the easiest project in the garden. However, it isn't just strip and plant on the original soil structure. Most of the time, the original soil lacks nurtients and may have weed seeds hidden within. Here are the simple steps that I use.

Original state of the strip

1.Strip out the unwanted plants and loosen the soil

2. Sprinkle compost, manure, NPK and worm cast evenly. This is to bring a well balanced nutrient mix back into the soil biota

Spread the mix in even layers
3. Plant! Here I am planting in a 3 row orientation. The plant, Rhoeo are great for such areas because they require little water and over time grow into dense mass where weeds are unable to grow.
4. Mulch it. I have used recycled wood waste which will breakdown over time to become compost. I have layed down small boulders between the rows to prevent Scrub turkeys from scratching up the plants and soil

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  1. Wonderful job! Love the colour of this robust rhoeo too.

  2. thank you for the awesome feedback :)