Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Review: Theo 10

A Skin Balm created in Singapore and produced in Singapore. Founder Theodore Khng said he created this by accident. The company is a supporter of The Kranji Countryside Association. I met him on a weekend while I was teaching at Bollywood veggies.
An approachable person, he shared his creations with me. They are Theo 10 (Skin) and Theo 10 (Heat).
Made with plant extract and non toxic inert fillers.

I took both along with me to Brisbane this past week. I left both containers in my carry on baggage and had no issue passing through customs at both ends. What a relief as I get stiff necks and sometimes stuffy nose on flights.

Theo 10 (Skin) is formulated for Skin ailments such as burns, insect bites and eczema as indicated. The smell of peppermint is the dominant aroma. I was suffering from a split skin at the corner  ends of the mouth on both sides. I tried drinking lots of water and commercial lip balm. These didn't work and  was suffering from the discomfort for more than a month. Upon opening the tin, I applied it directly onto the wound. It was cool and tingly feel but not uncomfortable. The ointment stopped the constant itch from the wound soon after. I saw improvement the next day with the excess skin peeling out on its own. I continued daily application while in Brisbane. The weather is drier than Singapore. Having cracked and dry lips are a common issue. This balm has completely prevent this situation this trip and healed the cracked skin. I applied it during long drives to keep the nasal passages clear and it refreshes me.

Theo 10 (Heat) is formulated for joint pains, muscle ache and headaches. These are common ailments that plague everyone of all ages. The scent is dominated by peppermint and cinnamon. I use it several times at the back of my neck area during the trip. The heat builds up gradually and the residual heat still remains an hour after.  I could still feel a little tingle at bed time. The effect is longer than other deep heat ointment in the market. It does not leave a sticky feel as others.

A handy little pack and I highly recommend everyone to purchase this as a set and leave it in the car or bag. The weather is unpredictable which can cause headaches. The itch from from mosquitoes bites can be unbearable. I have them sitting on my work desk and love using them a perk me up after a long days work outfield.

To find out more about where you can purchase these items. Please click here

They are now available in Australia: Heat and Skin

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